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          Chicecream's new ice-cream "虎色生香" uses plant fiber packaging

          The year 2021 has passed by; a new year is coming!

          The year 2022 is the year of Tiger in Chinese traditional culture. Many brands, such as Chicecream (鐘薛高), began to launch their new year gifts with the element of tiger.

          During the period of the new year changing, Chicecream with many topics launched their new ice-cream products named "虎色生香", which is related to the tiger. "Spring Festival atmosphere", "Break with convention" and "Environmentally protection" are the keywords that can perfectly express Chicecream's new year gift. This ice-cream product's design breaks the routine and combines with the tiger. In addition, it is also a try of totally environmentally friendly ice-cream packaging.

          Since the establishment of Chicecream, they have been adhering to green and health development, not only for the product itself but also for packaging.

          While ice cream is not easy to be transported and reserved, it has strict requirements for cold-chain technology and packaging. The packaging on the market is difficult to have both features of high performance and environmental protection.

          Although Chicecream is faced with various challenges and difficulties, they still don't block their steps of promoting environmentally friendly ice cream packaging.

          After knowing about Chicecream's idea, YUTOECO rapidly established a special project in YUTOECO R&D institute and our solution center, which is a close team led by technology.

          The initial requirements proposed by Chicecream:

          1. Difficult process: Adopts total plant fiber material; it is difficult to realize the same structure solution as the old one in the process.

          2. High cost: The cost will be so high if adopting the previous solution.

          3. Low yield: Ice cream has high requirements for the outer temperature and humidity; it is difficult to meet the needs of the previous solution.

          To solve these problems, our R&D team and solution center put forward several solutions according to Chicecream's needs. Finally, after many times of discussions, solution adjustments and sample testing, YUTOECO designed this eco-friendly ice cream packaging, which meets Chicecream's strict requirements about food safety standards.

          Therefore, this "虎色生香" new year gift can not only show that Chicecream is committed to innovation, but also show the breakthrough that YUTOECO helps upgrade the eco-friendly ice-cream packaging.

          The inner packaging of this "虎色生香" new year gift adopts total plant fiber materials without any plastic elements. It is available to be thrown away in the soil directly, which can be biodegraded under natural conditions. The film upon the ice cream container is also a paper-based film. This kind of packaging allows you to enjoy delicious ice cream while giving a hand to the environment.

          This new ice cream product has 4 tastes: "糯如年" (sticky rice and ormosia), "陌上麻"(sesame and milk), "清平酪" (yogurt and cream), "巧樂令" (milk and chocolate).?With 4 kinds of tastes brings you a lot of happiness. Whether you send it to your family or friends, it will be a good choice.

          In the end, hope everyone becomes better and better in the new year!

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