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          CPF, Alibaba Local Service & Meituan, YUTOECO and Xibei established “Four Parties Cooperation”

          On December 15, 2021, the “Catering / Take-out / Food packaging – Sustainable Packaging Forum”, hosted by China Packaging Federation (CPF), took place during the “The Fourth Anniversary of Chinese Packaging Industry & Packaging Industry Summit 2021” in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China.

          With profound preparation and market research, the CPF united two leading internet companies, Alibaba Local Service and Meituan, to launch the new cooperation method of “Four Parties Cooperation” during this summit – “CPF + Alibaba Local Service & Meituan + Catering Brand + Packaging Company”, which is an innovative strategic cooperation method.

          Under this cooperation method, the CPF, Alibaba Local Service and Meituan jointly will take a series of actions to initiate more innovative projects in the whole takeaway / catering / food packaging fields and lead the industry revolution, including centralized purchase, co-branded packaging products, the promotion of new packaging materials, recycle projects and so on.

          As a leading service organization in the packaging industry, the CPF will integrate the professional advantages and technical supports of leading packaging companies, to meet the packaging needs of catering brands on the internet platforms. And let packaging companies support the eco-friendly packaging transform of SMEs with better quality and price.

          Under this framework, the high-end talking between four parties debuts on this summit.

          As a leading eco-packaging brand in the Chinese packaging industry, YUTOECO stood out from the ion.

          Case Background

          Xibei is a famous brand for catering in China. The CEO, Mr. Jia Guolong, strives to let consumers taste more classic food. In 2019, Xibei Group launched their mid-to-high-end brand “Jiaguolong kung fu food”, using prefabricated food and mainly focusing on “home consume”. Not only can consumers buy the product in the offline store, and eat after heating, but also they can order food via the mini-program of kung fu food, Tianmao and Jingdong.

          Xibei is not only committed to providing a guarantee of delicious and healthy foods to consumers, but also pursuing environmental protection in this field, which has high requirements for the food containers.

          The Ele.me that under the Alibaba Local Service is always paying attention to the green transformation of takeaway packaging, and cooperated with many partners from various professional fields such as environmental protection organizations, platform merchants, packaging manufacturers, foundation organizations, and so on, to realize reduction from the origin, packaging upgrade, and the recycling and reuse of takeaway packaging from the aspects of whole life circle and value chain of the takeaway industry, and to discover solutions together and create a sharing value. This March, Alibaba Local Service signed the Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation with CPF. In July, Alibaba Local Service launched a Research Report of the Green Behavior of Takeaway Food Packaging in cooperation with CPF and School of Environment, Tsinghua University, and launched a guide to green packaging design for takeaway food packaging. In November, the team standard of takeaway packaging launched by Alibaba Local Service enters the process of being released to the public. This jointly eco-friendly packaging also shows the core point of green packaging.

          YUTOECO is a corporate brand of YUTO Tech that focuses on environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable development. With the mission of "Green Life for Everyone", YUTOECO is committed to discovering the cutting-edge technology development of sustainable new materials and the design and production of eco-friendly products, and providing the best solutions to our clients in sustainable packaging fields. YUTOECO undertakes an important mission in this cooperation, and will play an important role in the four parties' cooperation in the future.

          The High-end Talking

          The CPF, Alibaba Local Service and Meituan Blue Mountain Project, Xibei and YUTOECO jointly debuted during the high-end talking of this strategic cooperation, and shared how to promote the process of eco-friendly takeaway packaging with innovative joint cooperation method.

          The packaging R&D director of Xibei, Mr. Xu Hongnian, firstly shared the actions they took for environmental protection, including using eco-friendly food containers and bags in eastern China; Jiaguolong Kung Fu Food uses recyclable aluminum foil packaging. In addition, Mr. Xu said that there are still some problems with using eco-friendly packaging. For example, the packaging material doesn't fit the food; the packaging will have a peculiar smell and shape-changing if it contains some soup; the cost is higher than plastic packaging; the test period is long. Xibei hopes to solve these problems through this "four parties' cooperation".

          Mr. Zuo Bowen from Alibaba Local Service, expressed that the problems Xibei encountered are very typical. As a platform enterprise, Alibaba Local Service hopes to help merchants to get eco-friendly and cost-efficient packaging materials and services, such as providing biodegradable bags, eco-friendly food containers, etc. The actual actions are as follows: Set up a service system for merchants and connect the packaging companies and merchants; centralized purchase to reduce costs and marketing on a regular basis; set up LBS store to reduce transportation cost. For those SMEs that only purchase in a small quantity and have no customized requirements, Alibaba Local Service can help them connect the supplier, purchasing products in a mass quantity and distributing them to those SMEs to reduce their cost. There will be no profit existing for platform enterprises.

          Mr. Zhang Tao from Meituan Blue Mountain Project shared the actual works of green packaging of Blue Mountain Project:

          1. ? ? Actively attend the setting of industry standard, and propose environmental protection suggestions to catering companies according to the national policy.

          2. ? ? Launch 2 batches of Green Packaging Recommendation Lists to provide sustainable packaging solutions for catering enterprises

          3. ? ? Set up Packaging Innovation Incubation Project, cooperate with China Environmental Protection Foundation and professional institutes to help catering enterprises, and promote eco-friendly packaging.

          What’s more, Mr. Zhang Tao recognized the four-party cooperation method very much. He thought this kind of cooperation could better show the industry advantages, and link the front end and the back end to promote the environmental protection process of the takeaway industry.

          Mr. Howard Ma, the vice president from YUTOECO, said that promoting eco-friendly packaging requires concerted efforts. He suggested that catering merchants could cooperate with us from the front end of R&D and design to solve the functional problems. This is also the advantage of YUTOECO. On the aspect of eco-friendly materials and processes, they have their own YUTOECO Research Institute and solution center; and established long-time cooperation with well-known institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southern University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology and so on. Under the promotion of government and 2 takeaway platforms (Meituan and Ele.me), the process of Chinese eco-friendly food containers is accelerated. During this process, YUTOECO also collected public feedbacks such as price. This is a problem that manufacturers need to consider and solve. YUTOECO has professional teams on equipment and production process; they have the ability to do more innovation on material, efficiency and production process to minimize the gap between eco-packaging and traditional packaging. For small orders, YUTOECO can cooperate with internet platforms to set up a centralized procurement platform to reduce their cost.

          Under this high-end talking, each party had expressed the same cooperation aspirations and will complement each other's advantages to promote the sustainable development of the takeaway industry.

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