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          Comparison between pulp molded packaging and bioplastic packaging

          With the rapid development of technology, there are many new materials that can replace traditional PE plastic, such as PLA, PHAs, PBS, etc. In the past several decades, eco-friendly plastic packaging has been widely used as shopping bags, freshness protection packaging, trays of electronic products and so on. However, in recent years, a new packaging has appeared: pulp molded packaging. With the improvement of environmental awareness of humans and the establishing of carbon targets, plastic reducing and forbidding have become a clear trend of the future, and the pulp molded packaging made from bagasse and bamboo has begun to increase explosively. As products of the current environmental trend, choosing bioplastic packaging or pulp molded packaging has become a problem.

          bioplastic packaging

          For biodegradable performance, both two kinds of products are biodegradable, while the biodegradable conditions are different. Bioplastic is essentially polymer, which is difficult to be biodegraded. This kind of packaging often needs to be recycled first and needs industrial compost under a specific condition. If we throw the bioplastic packaging in the sea or soil directly, it will be difficult to be biodegraded. Compared with bioplastic packaging, pulp molded packaging can be biodegraded into water and carbon-oxygen within 90 days after use, without providing a specific condition, which is eco-friendly for both customers and the environment.

          pulp molded packaging

          From the hardness of packaging, bioplastic packaging features high strength and tensile, which is not easy to bend. Most of the biodegradable cutleries in the market are made from PLA due to their high strength and biodegradable performance, and this kind of packaging has become popular in the catering industry. However, many eco-packaging companies also took action to develop high-strength pulp molded tableware. As the industry-leading sustainable packaging solution provider, YUTOECO has developed a series of pulp molded cutleries with high-strength features, which can easily cut fruits, cakes, etc. This kind of product has the same strength as plastic cutleries, which also can be biodegraded under natural conditions.

          high-strength biodegradable cutleries

          In the catering industry, waterproof and oil-proof performance is also a factor that merchants will consider for catering packaging. To solve the problem, pulp molded packaging companies always add some food-grade waterproof and oil-proofing agents. In addition, there are also other additives to realize the feature of resisting low or high temperatures. Usually, the pulp molded packaging can resist a temperature of -20~200℃, which allows consumers to heat food in a microwave or oven. Although bioplastic packaging also has the feature of waterproof and oil proof, this kind of packaging cannot resist high temperatures. Nowadays, many industry-leading retail companies have begun to use biodegradable tableware. For example, Starbucks and Luckin Coffee used PLA coffee cups for their cold drinks.

          As a transitional packaging product, bioplastic packaging has better performance in some aspects, such as strength, waterproof, oil-proof, etc. While with the continuous development of pulp molding technology, most of these problems will be resolved, and the applications of pulp molded packaging will become wider and wider. Nowadays, many industry-leading enterprises have begun to change their traditional plastic packaging to pulp molded packaging. With the gradual improvement of human environmental protection awareness, pulp molded packaging will become a trend in the packaging industry in the future.

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