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          What problems should be solved for pulp molded tableware?

          As people’s environmentally friendly awareness improves gradually, people begin to be aware of the problems that plastic pollution brings to the environment. In recent years, pulp molded tableware gradually appeared in people's view. This kind of product is made from plant fiber, such as bamboo and bagasse, which can be biodegraded in natural conditions within 90 days without causing pollution to the environment. However, plastic tableware has appeared for decades. Due to its stable structure and excellent tolerance, plastic tableware has become more and more popular nowadays. Compared with traditional plastic tableware, pulp molded tableware is just the beginning. There are so many technical problems that should be solved to make pulp molded tableware replace plastic tableware.

          1. Waterproof & oil-proof

          waterproof & oil proof food container

          As we all know, paper is a common product in our daily lives, easily leaking and cannot contain water directly. The same goes for pulp molded containers! If we contain water or oil with a pulp molded container without any treatments, the liquid in the container will quickly seep out. For this problem, different companies adopt various measures to solve this problem. One is attaching a plastic film inside the container to realize water and oil proof. The paper cups in the market now are using this solution. While this solution also has plastic. It won't be easy to recycle this kind of product. With the continual development of technology, many companies have begun to explore full biodegradable pulp molded meal boxes. By adding food-grade biodegradable water and oil proof agents to make pulp molded containers realize water and oil proof.

          2. High & low temperature resistant

          high & low temperature resistant food container

          Besides water and oil proof, we also need to solve the problem of high & low temperature resistance. When it contains deli, food always has a high temperature. If the meal boxes cannot resist high temperatures, when contacting with hot food, the quality of the food container will be changed, further affecting the food. For some special applications, such as aviation, we always put it in a microwave or oven for heating, which requires our pulp molded containers to resist an ultra-high temperature over 200℃. Most pulp molded containers in the market with a publicity of high-temperature resistance will become yellow when putting them in ultra-high temperature conditions. We also have a freeze requirement for food, which requires pulp molded containers to be used in low-temperature conditions.

          3. PFAS-free

          PFAS free food container

          We have mentioned above that the pulp molded containers must be oil-proof. While do you know that almost all oil-proof agents have PFAS, which are harmful to people? Therefore, using PFAS-free oil-proof agents is an urgent problem that needs to be solved. As an industry-leading sustainable packaging solution provider, YUTOECO developed a food-grade PFAS-free oil-proof formulation in advance, which is eco-friendly and can provide a safer meal experience for customers.

          4. High strength cutleries (Knife, Fork, Spoon)

          high strength of cutleries, knife, fork, spoon

          Cutleries are necessary during a meal, especially due to the affection of pandemic in recent two years which made the takeaway industry develop so fast, while the use of plastic cutleries also increased so fast. For pulp molded cutleries, they are commonly soft and easy to bend. If we want to replace traditional plastic cutleries, it is necessary to improve the strength of pulp molded cutleries, and make them can meet our daily use. The latest high strength of cutleries developed by YUTOECO has high hardness performance, which can easily cut steak and other foods.

          "Paper instead of Plastic" is popular for environmental protection nowadays. Pulp molded tableware will be a new trend in catering in the future. With the continual development of technology, pulp molded tableware must become more and more popular.

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