The roof is one of the most important structures on your home. If there is a problem with your roof, it can result in water leaking into the home. This can cause structural damage and damage to the property inside of your home. The sooner you discover that there is a problem with your roof, the sooner you can have it repaired.
Missing Shingles
The most obvious signs that there is a problem with the roof is if you find shingles in the yard , in the driveway, or on the walkways. There are several reasons that the shingles can come off the roof. The most common cause is severe weather. Strong winds and heavy rains can loosen up the shingles enough that they can come off the roof. If your gutters are blocked with leaves and it rains, the rain can freeze, This can result in ice dams, which can be very damaging and can cause the shingles to fall off the roof. If snow and ice build up in the gutter, this can create ice dams as well. Finally, the age of the roof can cause the shingles to come off the roof. When there are shingles missing from the roof, it can create an entry point for water in the home.
Decaying Shingles
Decaying shingles can cause water to enter the home. Unfortunately, decaying shingles won’t always fall off the roof. If they remain on the roof, water can build up underneath creating mold. The sooner decaying shingles are repaired, the better.
Missing Granules
Asphalt shingles contain a rough black coating that keeps the shingle from cracking in the hot sun. If the granules start coming off, the shingles are at risk. As the roof ages, the granules are more likely to come off the shingles. If you notice a black residue in your gutters or downspouts, it means that the granules are coming off the shingles.
Damaged Flashing
The material that connects the joints on the roof, such as where the roof and the chimney connect, is called flashing. If the flashing is damaged, it can create an entry point for water. If the flashing is damaged, it would need to be repaired as soon as possible.
Many homeowners try to make home repairs DIY projects to save money. While this is fine for some jobs, such as staining the deck or painting a bedroom, roof repairs should not be a DIY project. There are several reasons that roof repairs should only be left to a professional.
Knowledge and Experience
It takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to repair a roof. If you try to repair your roof on your own, you may not know how serious the damage is until you get up there. If you start a project that you cannot handle, it can result in more damage in the home. A Vancouver Washington roofing will have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle the job properly.
Experience Working at Heights
Most roof repairs would take you at least two stories off the ground. A fall from a roof can cause serious injury and even death. If you don’t know much about roof repair, you could end up concentrating more on the job at hand and less on your footing, resulting in a fall. A professional roofing company as experience working at heights and they have the necessary safety equipment to handle the job safely.
There are certain tools that are necessary to make roof repairs, which most typical homeowners don’t own. While you can purchase these tools at a hardware store, they can be very expensive. When you hire a professional roofer, you can be sure that they will have all of the necessary tools.
Potential Discounts
Most professional roofers work with the same material distributor all the time. These business relationships can sometimes help the roofer get a discount. If the roofer were able to get a discount on the materials for your project, it can result in a discount on the job. These are discounts that the typical homeowner would not have access to.
Knowing that your roof needs to be repaired is just as important as who you hire to get the job done. The best person for the job is a Vancouver Washington roofing company.